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Help spread the truth about Telangana region of India. Since 1956, when Andhra and Telangana merged, Telangana has gotten the short end of the stick in terms of natural resources, funding and representation in government. Though two major rivers have their sources in Telangana, irrigation projects divert the precious water to other areas. The feelings have often spilled over into violence, and in 1969, 400 people died in Telangana-related violence.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Indian Express newspaper in september 1948 when Hyderabad state joined Indian union after police action.

Here are links to editions of Indian Express newspaper in september 1948 when Hyderabad state joined Indian union after police action.

Major events before police action

Police action starts

Police action ends. Post-unification news

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Who gets to keep the pearl city?

The Telangana agitation that started out over a larger cultural and geographic identity has now narrowed itself to where the real deal is: Hyderabad. Sai Manish finds out why

JUST OFF the highway to Srisailam in Ranga Reddy district's Srinagar village, Rama Rao, along with four other workers, toil on 650 acres of barren land, making markings and putting up signposts. What's unusual is that the interests of this Telangana labourer, earning Rs 130 a day, converges with the interests of an Andhra politician who presides over a $3 billion empire in the middle of nowhere.

Here is how.

In the next eight years, Discovery City, which these five men are helping build, would have gobbled up more than Rs 5,000 crore in investment and would be a city in itself — Telangana's answer to the Lavasa project near Pune.

These five toddy-sipping workers from Telangana, though, are blissfully unaware that their future and the future of their children would be inextricably tied to the success of this mega project being executed by the Ramky Group, owned by TDP MP Modgula Venugopala Reddy.

Located well inside Telangana's Ranga Reddy district, but tantalisingly close to Hyderabad, this project, with the potential of employing 1,00,000 people in numerous schools (including one by the Art of Living Foundation), hospitals, malls, hotels, special economic zones and residential apartments and bungalows will be relying heavily on a political solution to the current impasse over a separate state of Telangana.

However ironic it may sound, this billion-dollar project doesn't need either Telangana or Rayalaseema or Coastal Andhra for its success both as a commercial venture and as a development initiative. Its success will be determined not by any other region, but by its proximity to Hyderabad, a city that will be the venture's umbilical cord for decades after its completion.

"When I was a kid, my mother used to feed me toddy as she had little milk to give us," says Rama Rao as he takes a break from digging up trenches, "but now things are much better. We all want a separate Telangana but they should leave Ranga Reddy and Hyderabad alone. All my life's earnings have come from working in the construction sector in the city. I tell the leaders — let them have what they want, but just leave the city alone."

'Let them have what they want, but just leave the city alone,' says Rama Rao, a daily labourer

The venture is like a joey sitting pretty in its mother's pouch fearing that it might be plucked away by the Telangana boomers. If the workers here fear for their livelihood, the owners fear for their investments and profitability. And that is why the multi-millionaire Venugopala Reddy has been holding placards and shouting on top of his voice in the Lok Sabha for a United Andhra Pradesh. Because quite like the workers who fear for their freedom of movement across borders in search of work, Reddy fears investment flows from enterprising Andhra businessmen will be stymied if Hyderabad is made a part of Telangana.

Reddy's fears can be explained by the massive investments made by his Ramky Group in Hyderabad alone. The MP's company constructed the outer ring road that serves as an artery for spreading out development around Hyderabad at a cost of Rs 400 crore. Ramky also manages Hyderabad's conventional and biomedical wastes through its subsidiaries. It is developing high-rise residential projects in Hyderabad's upcoming Gachibowli locality with an investment of Rs 400 crore, apart from building the luxurious CEO Enclave at a similar cost. Add to that, its uber posh triplex bungalow project, Ramky Pearl, where each house will be sold upwards of Rs 2 crore. Upping the stakes is another futuristic multi-product development park being planned by Ramky in Hyderabad, with an investment of Rs 500 crore. In total, Modugula Reddy's firm has close to Rs 7,000 crore at stake in and around Hyderabad in the years to come. In comparison, the only notable projects of the group outside the Telangana region in AP are in Warangal, where it is building a housing project at a cost of Rs 216 crore and another Rs 500 crore in the functioning Jawaharlal Nehru Pharma City in Vizag.

"Hyderabad in Telangana will be separated from the rest of the state by two districts — Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar. Anti-social elements may use this area as a buffer zone and enforce blockades, badly hurting everyone in Hyderabad and the whole state," fears Reddy. And that is where fears of a casual worker earning Rs 130 a day and a politician-businessman who has investments worth Rs 7,000 crore at stake meet — in a city that has a Metropolitan Development Area five times the size of the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi.

EVEN SOME pro-Telangana leaders admit that the biggest impediment to a new state may not be river-sharing, resource allocation or administrative reorganisation. At the centre of what Union Home Minister P Chidambaram described as a "complicated issue" is the question of Hyderabad. The city has become a magnet for investments over the years and is now the preferred destination for MNCs like Facebook, Google and many others, which in turn, has spurred a massive real estate boom. All of it is controlled by Andhra businessmen — among them many senior MPs and MLAs with vested business interests, unwilling to let a veritable goldmine slip out of their hands. This heady cocktail of power, politics and big money makes Hyderabad a prized possession: Telangana leaders see it as a new centre of gravity for spurring development in a separate Telangana while Andhra leaders see the city's 21st century global avatar as a fruit of their labour that cannot be "gifted away" for the sake of political convenience.

"Hyderabad has to be a part of Telangana," says Telangana Joint Action Committee (T-JAC) convener M Kodandaram. "One cannot spoil the geographical contiguity of Telangana by taking away Hyderabad. We will make sure that every group is protected in Hyderabad, which has always been a multi-cultural city. There can be no Telangana without Hyderabad and no Hyderabad without Telangana."

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Injustice alleged to Telangana in allocation of NABARD funds

ustice P.V. Sanjay Kumar of the Andhra Pradesh High Court Tuesday admitted a writ petition complaining that earmarking of NABARD funds for Telangana region in general and Karimnagar district in particular is highly discriminatory.

Jyothi Kiran, a practising advocate, who filed the writ petition, said that the State government had received 13,046 crore from NABARD.

Of this, Rs 10,437 crore had been given to the coastal area and 1,677 crore allotted to Rayalaseema. She said that a sum of only Rs. 931 crore had been earmarked for Telangana.

The government filed a counter-affidavit and said that this was not districtwise dispensation and the whole State was a unit. The government averred that sanction and implementation of schemes is a continuous process. The judge admitted the case and posted it for final hearing.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Constitution of India : Article 3

Article 3 Formation of new States and alteration of areas, boundaries or names of existing States
Parliament may by law -
(a) form a new State by separation of territory from any State or by uniting two or more States or parts of States or by uniting any territory to a part of any State;
(b) increase the area of any State;
(c) diminish the area of any State;
(d) alter the boundaries of any State;
(e) alter the name of any State:
Provided that no Bill for the purpose shall be introduced in either House of Parliament except on the recommendation of the President and unless, where the proposal contained in the Bill affects the area, boundaries or name of any of the States, the Bill has been referred by the President to the Legislature of that State for expressing its views thereon within such period as may be specified in the reference or within such further period as the President may allow and the period so specified or allowed has expired.
Explanation I: In this article, in clauses (a) to (e), "State" includes a Union territory, but in the proviso, "State" does not include a Union territory.
Explanation II: The power conferred on Parliament by clause (a) includes the power to form a new State or Union territory by uniting a part of any other State or Union territory to any other State of Union territory.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Straight 4 questions to Telangana opposers

Democracy is for all people, rules are for all people and should be equal. Stopping an MLA from expressing his views outside the Assembly should be definitely condemned. At the same length there are a few questions.
1. Why are peaceful protests banned by govt in Telangana
2. Why is media blocked from publish Telangana protests (an unofficial Emergency put in place already)
3. Why are so many people in Telangana are beaten up, arrested, and booked in cases for expressing their views to have Telangana state as promised by Govt of India and UPA-1 since 2004 inside Parliament, President's speech, home minister statement on Dec 9, 2009
4. The MLA conveniently forgot the very people who elected him and is speaking against their interests, in the name of pseudo statesmanship.
Address the core issue of Telangana, Stop the diversion tactics, picking up some mistake here and there. Personally including me many of us will apologise for whatever some people would have done, under whatever circumstances.
Debate should be on the original subject that concerns millions of people in Telangana and their right of expression and self respect. States have not been formed by concesus of all concerned that can never be the criteria, it is always a political decision, what we are asking is implementation of announced political decision, that shall be achieved.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Oka Telangana bidda to JP

We know what we are doing and we certainly know who is the culprit. Curruption and all bull, we will deal with it later. Right now our one and only ambition is getting T-state. When JP respects people's mandate so much and why doesn't he take the responsibility by standing with T-people. We all know it's not a fake movement unlike SA movement. Whole country knows, that it is a genuine struggle. I'm not able digest, why an intellectual like him is totally putting a blank face on this issue. What's disgusting is, he always comes with "telangana vaste, telangana vallaku pedda vorigedi emi undadu..SA vallaku pedda nastamu undadu.. When he knows that, why doesn't he stand with the people in this genuine struggle. I was an adrent admirer of him and now,I wouldn't say I hate him but atleast, I dont like him anymore.

"Those who try to lead the people can only do so by following the mob"

He better listen to the people instead of lecturing them.

I will follow his Ideology once we achive telangana and I believe It's not mandatory that we should be all together to root out curruption.

Ask your JP to listen to the people first, ask him to go to the villages to see the plight of the people. Don't give god damn reasons like all regions have the same plight. If thats your answer, then why not get seperated then. It will be easier to govern smaler states than larger states. Then there wont be any issues called negligence and all.

"Loksatta neither supported samikyandhra nor Telangana. Why dont u understand? what makes everyone think Loksatta is opposing telangana n supporting united andhra? "

Why not..thats our eternal question. As a politcal leader, as an MLA and as a respectable party president, why doesn't he come up with his stand. He should let us know, so that we will decide whether to stay with him or not. First ask him to let us know his stand. When 100′s of people are commiting suicides on this issue, why doesn't he respond. He doesn't respond when SA cops brutally attacked student including girls and journalists. Everyone remained calm and JP is no exception. I had tremendous amount of respect for this guy and I was wrong.
I coudn't believe, the man of his stature, compared ethiopia and USA. wow..JP…
By not making his stand clear, he has joined the rest of the flock(congress, TDP etc). Atleast Chiru is better as he made his stand clear.

Well.. anyways..We will not stop our agitation until we get our state and we will surely make them pay, whoever playing cunning games with our lives.

Jai Telangana

Stir brings governance to halt

Government employees taking part in Telangana Joint Action Committee's non-cooperation call brought the district administration to a grinding halt on Thursday.

The collectorate office and Enumamula market yard remained bereft of any activity. Barring emergency services like medical, sanitation, electricity, water works and bus, government employees of all other departments took part in the non-cooperation, which has been violence-free in the district.

"The entire administration has been paralysed," claimed Paritala Subba Rao, chairman of Warangal Government Employees Joint Action Committee, who led a large rally with employees and Warangal Chamber of Commerce officials from Enumamula market yard to collectorate office on Thursday.

Expressing solidarity with the government employees, the all-union JAC of Singareni unit at Bhupalpally also observed a two-hour tool down affecting coal production.

As part of the non-cooperation movement, the Singareni workers have already given a strike call on February 23-24. With the participation of the government teachers in the non-cooperation call, the ongoing census exercise was badly affected as barring a few teachers affiliated to UTF of the CPI(M), all the school assistants and SGT teachers boycotted the enumeration.

The worst-affected government department, however, was the RTC as bus drivers found it difficult to resume service at many places after passengers refused to buy tickets. Speaking to this newspaper, R. Gangadhar, regional manager, RTC, Warangal, said they faced problems in mandals like Jangaon, Narsempet, Parvathagiri, Atmakur and Duggondi.

"Wherever there were problems, police intervened," he said, adding that RTC employees, especially drivers and conductors, turned up for duty despite the non-cooperation call.

According to sources, instances of ticketless travel mostly occurred on the Warangal-Jangaon, Warangal-Parkal, Warangal-Narsempet, Jangaon-Hyderabad routes forcing drivers to stop buses midway.

Police also arrested scores of ticketless travelers from many places, including Narsempet and Mahbubabad, where more than 100 people were arrested for not buying tickets.

Elsewhere, in Parkal and District Court Complex in Subedari, advocates' association also boycotted court proceedings to express solidarity with the government employees. "The present tempo would continue for two more days till the TJAC and the executive body of the Government Employees, Workers, Teachers and Pensioners JAC decide the future course
of action at a review meeting to be held in Hyderabad on Sunday," added Mr Paritala Subba Rao.