Help spread the truth about Telangana region of India. Since 1956, when Andhra and Telangana merged, Telangana has gotten the short end of the stick in terms of natural resources, funding and representation in government. Though two major rivers have their sources in Telangana, irrigation projects divert the precious water to other areas. The feelings have often spilled over into violence, and in 1969, 400 people died in Telangana-related violence.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Singapore Telangana Friends Letter to "Sri Krishna Committee" and Letter to "All Telangana Politicians"

Dear All,


Appealing to u All : STF request for email id's of your network (only list of Telangana friends email id)


Please send us the list of email ids of your network (only Telangana people id's) to

we Singapore Telanagana Friends(STF) is a Non-Profitable group created to provide a platform for Telanagana NRI's in Singapore to share their views and work towards the development of Telangana.

Purpose for requesting email id's: we are composing 4 - 5 drafts of Letter to "Sri krishna Committee" which you all can be send email or post by individual.

we Singapore friends collecting email id's and forwarding letters to every one, so by this activity, at least we can make a difference by sending mail in mass by representing our demand of Telangana.

We sincerely seek your support in this activity.

Note: Email ids secrecy would be maintained and will be used only for the communication on activities and sharing info on Telangana development

Thanking you all, 

Jai Telangana.

Singapore Telangana Friends

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