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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Record win for Harish Rao

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He did not speak much. But his humungous vote margin said it all. Tenneeru Harish Rao, who recorded a massive victory of 95,858 votes, flashed the victory sign at Siddipet with a smug expression on his face while supporters around him raised slogans of "Jai ho Telangana."

As his supporters shouted slogans of "Telangana ki addu voste, addamga narikestham (Nobody dare cross our path to Telangana)" and savoured his stupendous victory, Harish Rao just walked away. For starters, Harish has dethroned late Y S Rajasekhara Reddy's record win of 68,681 votes from Pulivendula in 2009 polls by overtaking it by nearly 30,000 votes. He himself stood a close second behind YSR with 64,667 vote majority in 2009.

While he polled 1,08,779 votes, his nearest Congress rival T Srinivas Goud received 11,610 votes. TDP's Babu Mohan was thrashed as he got a paltry 5,258 votes.

Revelling in the victory, Harish said TRS stood out as the true representative of Telangana cause. "With this win, we will take the T-vadam (sentiment) forward," he said. He said the Congress line that it would onlydeliver the separate state had no takers. "The Congress must introspect as people are fed up with its false promises," he observed.

A close aide of the firebrand leader, who is perceived as a threat to the likes of TRS chief KCR's son K Tarakarama Rao, said the upsurge of people's emotions had triggered the results in favour of TRS. "Whether it's a doctor, government official, tailor or weaver, they all voted for our Harish anna and T-cause. This victory signals the dawn of a new world," he claimed.

Analysts said the way Harish rallied the party and called on the families of those who died or committed suicide for T-cause was worth mentioning. "Even settlers in villages and towns voted for TRS as they perceive Telangana as their home. The sentiment has percolated among every strata of society," TRS leader Rajaiah Yadav told TOI.

Sources said the coming local body polls would certainly add to the consolidation of TRS in the region as the party used it as a launchpad to make inroads in the region eight years ago. And Harish sure has his task cut out.

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