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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Journalists challenge Chiranjeevi to visit Telangana

Guntur: Praja Rajyam Party chief Chiranjeevi, who made a U-turn on the statehood issue, was today dared by journalists to visit any of Telangana districts now.

During a press conference, journalists referred to Telangana activists' threat not to allow Chranjeevi, who has jettisoned his pet concept of 'social Telangana' and now become an ardent advocate of unified Andhra Pradesh.

Challenging him to visit Telangana area, the journalists asked him to announce the day on which "you will tour in any Telanagana district after Guntur".

Hurt by the challenge, Chiranjeevi said his programme is chalked out by his managers. Fans later invaded the press conference and shouted slogans, cheering and applauding his address.

Chiranjeevi had said that he has a large following in Telangana area and that he will visit all the Telangana districts during his party's state-wide campaign against price rise.

-PTI (Zee News)

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