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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Andhra Artists and their Politics

(From: sreekanth bezzanki )

I hear a strange comment these days that artists don't have a region and movies shouldn't be affected because of the on going turmoil in our state. Let's dig a little deep and see if that statement holds any value.


In my view there is thin line (or may be none) between movie artists and politics. You name any prominent film personality and you will find that he/she has a deep nexus with political fraternity. The involvement of Film industry biggies in politics is unquestionable. I find it laughable when these folks state that film artists don't have a region….Really?????.... Let's see… the very statement is hypocritical as I find 99% (1% reserved for Nitin, Venu madhav etc.,) of the movie stars belonging to Andhra and have strong affiliation towards their region. So the premise "Movie stars do not belong to a particular Region" is utterly false and baseless.


Having said that, I don't mind if these movie stars mind their business. However, that's not the case most of the movie stars support one or the other political outfit which is against giving Telangana. All these selfish movie stars don't have the best interest of the people of Telangana Region in their mind. So why should we care about them???


Even after film personalities like Chiranjeevi, Mohan babu, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Jr. NTR, Nagarjuna etc., openly embracing united Andhra stand why shouldn't the movies of these individuals be banned in Telangana??????


I also hear a strange comment from brainless (instead, let's call him cunning) Chiranjeevi that smaller states are not viable and would be a disaster. Just for a minute lets assume what he is saying is true in that case didn't he realize that when he was documenting his manifesto in support of Telangana state formation. How did he realize the non viability of the state in these couple of days???? One can only guess what could have happened.


The only intention of this greedy politician is to amass as much as he can. I don't understand will he carry all of his fortunes to grave????....He with a beautiful smile states that people of Telangana are innocent. I would like to say that we would be fools if we don't stop entertaining such idiots. Let's ban all the movies of his and his extended family. Their movies are to be screened only if he and his family apologize to the whole Telangana community and stand in support of Separate Telangana.


Let's now talk about saintly Mohan Babu. He says that all of us should stand united and on the other hand he is adding fuel to the already sensitive and volatile communal scenario by throwing a challenge on Telangana agitators to attack his assets when he is in Hyderabad….He is eligible to be a big time rowdy nothing more than that.


Of all the comments he made there was particularly one which was striking where he stated that he doesn't mind losses to Movie Saleem because of the agitation. I couldn't stop laughing on that statement….as a matter of fact Saleem has been unanimously declared the worst movie of the millennium and people who have watched the movie are still under going psychiatric treatment. All his comments are to give cheap publicity to his movie.


I would like to conclude that artists are also human beings and there are bunch of selfish individuals whose intentions are clear that they don't want Hyderabad to be part of Telangana. Hence, banning their movies is absolutely justifiable. Let's stand united and ban these people without any second thoughts.


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