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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Telangana Our Desire and Our Right

(Courtesy: An article received from Srikanth Bejjanki)

Telangana is a strong desire of 99% telanganites (I have given 1% space for miniscule population like Danam Nagendar, Talasani and few others who don’t want Hyderabad to be part of Telangana for obvious reasons).

Development of Hyderabad:

Hyderabad has a rich heritage of more than 400 years and it has been the capital for a long time and development of hyd dates back to its inception days …it was a developed city even before Andhra Pradesh was formed. Just imagine are Andhra/Rayalaseema people fools to have capital in some other place when they have a developed city like Hyderabad with assembly and several other monumental buildings and good infrastructure like tank bund. So the concept of Andhrites developing Hyderabad does not hold good.

I hear claims from so many people that Andhrites have invested thousands of crores for development of Hyderabad. Are they trying to say none from Telangana have invested in Hyderabad??? ..What a strange argument. Even if they have invested it’s for their own business interests. If they claim to have invested for the development of the Telangana then why didn’t they invest in under developed areas of Telangana??? The hypocrisy in their talk is crystal clear.

Calling KCR names:

There is a strange argument going on stating that Telangana moment is KCRs drama because he wants to be CM of Telangana. What is the big harm if he wants be CM of Telangana???? Why don’t these people look at power hungry Chandrababu and Others. This is a democratic nation anyone and everyone can aspire to be the CM of a state. Even there is an enthusiastic bunch which is bringing up a strange comparison that KCR will be Madhukoda ….are these people soothsayers???

I have never criticized Chiranjeevi before. However, his recent approach has not only wiped out the sympathy I had for him but also replaced it with inextinguishable anger. He explains that his MLAs have resigned because the decision to make separate Telangana was sudden…I would like to ask him how sudden was the decision….didn’t he shout on the roof tops that he was game for Telangana…why didn’t his MLAs resign then…I see a clear opportunistic game played by him now. Telanganites will never forgive him for this behaviour..

Is language the basis to be united????

“Andhra Pradesh is state of Telugu speaking people”….if this argument has to hold good then Uttarpradesh, Delhi, Madhyapradesh, all should be one state because they are hindi speaking states.

Film Industry:

If the so called development of Hyderabad by Andhrites is setting up the film industry then I would like to ask them where do the maximum revenues for films come from???? Isn’t it Nizam area???.....

So, we are In fact giving our hard earned money to the Andhra producers and making them rich…what did the movie industry do for the welfare of Telanganites??? Instead they have satirical representation of Telangana accent and show roles played by Telangana characters in poor light..

Non Co Operation moment

The current situation of the state reminds me of pre independence era where the britishers didn’t want to leave India (I am not trying to say I want people of Andhra to leave Telangana). However, there should be a moment started on lines of Mahatma Gandhijis Non Co operation to get our reasonable demands fulfilled.

I would like to stop here and would encourage a meaningful dialogue on my view points.

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  1. Well Said.. This supposed open atleast few andhra folks eyes