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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Week-long fast is secret of Lagadapati's energy



Showing unbelievable stamina for a 55year-old who has "fasted" for seven days, the Vijayawada Congress MP, Mr Lagadapati Rajagopal, suddenly turned up at the Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences here in an autorickshaw after an overnight journey from Vijayawada, dashed into the hospital, ran along the corridors into the Acute Medical Care unit and grabbed a bed -- with television cameras in tow.

Within seconds, the MP was lying on the bed, appearing exhausted and lost to the world. A team of doctors and nurses immediately surrounded him, almost as if they were waiting for the "guest".

According to reports, the MP, who escaped from a Vijayawada hospital late on Sunday night, travelled by his car till Khammam, took an RTC bus to Hyderabad and took the autorickshaw to reach Nims. This could not be verified, and it is suspected that he travelled in an outdoor broadcasting van of a television channel.

All this hectic activity from a man whose fast entered its seventh day on Monday left many amazed. Mr Rajagopal instead looked more energetic than before.

The principal secretary, health, Mr J. Satyanarayana, said, "Mr Rajagopal is fine and doing well." Some senior doctors expressed doubts over Mr Rajagopal's incredible physical condition. He was later shifted to room No.
228 in Millennium block.

Asked if Mr Rajagopal's feat was possible, Dr P.Praveen, general surgeon of Gandhi Hospital, told this newspaper, "It is highly impossible for a man who is fasting for a week to run like this. It was reported that his sugar levels were rising which is uncommon for a patient who is fasting."

"If a person is fasting, the ketone levels will rise.Loss of sodium and potassium will lead to muscle cramps which will make it difficult to even move," the doctor said. "Even if saline is given it would help in maintaining basic metabolism and will not give any calories."

Doctors at the Vijayawada Government Hospital said Mr Rajagopal was on saline for two days forcibly, and differed with the opinion on his agility.

The Vijayawada hospitals superintendent, Dr P. Rambabu said, "Mr Rajagopal is diabetic. We had suggested that he be shifted to a hospital with facilities for cardiac monitoring as we suspecting irregular heart beat." Dr Rambabu said, "He was put on dextrose intravenous. He didn't take any liquid or solid food. It is possible for a man who is on saline to have the physical activity. Even the yoga trainer regularly visited Mr Rajagopal and he did yoga including pranamayam." The doctor, however, added: "His physical fitness is amazing."

The MP's followers said that as a sportsman and chief of the AP Olympic Association, Mr Rajagopal was very fit and in no way could be compared with the TRS chief, Mr K.
Chandrasekhar Rao.

Mr Rajagopal began his fast unto death at Vijayawada on December 16, after he was arrested twice in Hyderabad and sent back.

The Congress MP was shifted to the Vijayawada General Hospital, where he complained bitterly against the conditions. As he refused treatment, the police secured an order from a Vijayawada court and forcibly gave him saline and dextrose.

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