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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Do we need United Andhra?

( Received from Srikanth Bejjanki )

To all of my friends who support United Andhra …On the onset, I would like to clear that Telanganites are not talking about kicking out Andhra settlers from hyd...I would like to pose few questions. I will not go into the details of why we need separate Telangana but would like to bring few points back to your memory which seems to have been lost…

Political Angle:

I would like to remind everyone that during 2004 assembly elections congress has formed a pact with TRS stating they would strive for separate Telangana…Lagadapati Rajgopal being an educated politician didn’t he read his very own party’s manifesto that congress was supporting the Telangana cause????… why did he go over board and resign now didn’t he realize the problem back then????? What an opportunistic politician….the same applies to all the congress leaders who have resigned.

People who are now eager to see united Andhra why didn’t you raise your concerns when your so called great leader YS Rajashekar reddy had a pact with Telangana and won with thumping majority from Telangana region… why is it you people are raising your voice now?????

YS did not keep up his promise in 2004 and in 2009 elections he supported Telangana issue until the elections in Telangana region concluded…. the very next day he raised his voice stating that andhrites in hyd would be foreigners if Telangana is formed…..he cheated the people of Telangana again…people call him great leader ....what an irony

Chandrababu went on record supporting separate Telangana and clearly had the issue of separate Telangana as one of his election agenda. They took a long time had discussions with leaders from rayalaseema and Andhra …he went on record stating that the party has reached consensus on Telangana after discussions with leaders from all regions… not to mention other party leaders which were part Grand Alliance….All those who voted for TDP grand alliance did they have their brains in their knees when chandrababu openly read out the manifesto about his party’s support for Telangana why couldn’t they talk then??????….people who did not talk then do not have a moral right to talk now…

Even BJP openly supported Telangana….they r still supporting which is
a good thing

Every political outfit including PRP supported the Telangana cause….. Why is it all of them r behaving as if this issue came out of the blue????? Didn’t all these Andhra lovers hear about Telangana Agitation before ???? if they did not I would presume they had some kind of telangana filters in their ears...

The only leader who did not change his stance for the last 10 years is KCR (I never liked this guy before…but the last 10 days and the reaction of some Andhra leaders to his fast unto death has changed my opinion …I clearly remember a leader who was laughing and advising KCR not to die for an unworthy cause)…KCR though eccentric has bought all the people together through his agitation and made the world realize the problem of Telangana…he has gained the respect and admiration of Telanganites..

So called attacks on Andhrites:

People who claim that andhrites have been attacked I would request them to prove it …And to people who talk about violence I would ask them compare the violence that took place when paritala ravindra was murdered. He was killed in Rayalaseema and his followers in kukatpally have burnt busses because a factionist from their region was murdered…… on the contrary people here were outraged because they were being ignored for 50 long years….I completely understand the feelings and the heart burn of my Telangana brothers…

People who say that there would be lot of development when Andhra is united need to show examples…rather than blurting filmy dialogues (kalisi unte kaladu sukamu)….please elaborate as to how there would be development and sukamu..

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